Sunday, January 30, 2011

During the Night

Our chickens snuggle down every night either on top of the nest boxes or in them. Other animals besides our fowl are not usually in there. Max our male dog is normally the only visitor at night. He does his normal backside nuzzling and leaves with my husband.
"Good night chicken"
One night this week was different though. We are not fully complete with out new chicken house. Some areas of the walls the insulation is exposed. One such area during the night was shredded. Something had either nested in it or tried to get out. The "something" my husband found out was a small quail. It may have been small but it did damage to the one section.

Quail damage

Can you find the Bunny?

Sunny, warm days will usually bring my bunny Knuckles out from hiding. She likes to lie in the sun and soak in the warmth. Normally, She is burrowed down in her hutch and only comes out to eat and drink. Whenever she is not burrowing, she is still hard to see because of all the grass hay. I caught a glimpse of her the other day and snapped a photo. Can you find the dwarf bunny?

Pretty easy to see for once. 
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