Sunday, March 6, 2011

Updates, New Blog and Give Away

It has been several days since I last wrote. Many things have occurred since my last post: snow, power outages, our family ill from respiratory viruses and my 91 year old friend becoming ill. I'm still not out of the woods yet with my illness. I have the nasal congestion, cough and weakness.

Being ill has given me some time to think. This blog has been a mix-mash of different topics. I feel I've really gotten off track as I tend to do. I'm going to try to streamline things a bit; keeping this blog about my efforts to a simpler life (frugal activities, goals, self sufficiency etc), priorities, health and my spiritual life. Still a lot, but hopefully still providing information for everyone and my family who is keeping up with me through this blog.

In an effort to continue to share about my my micro-farm and animals, I've started a new blog called Chicken Scrawls. It can be found at I will post more of my fun animal adventures, egg recipes and hopefully additional helpful animal information. 

Best Part!! To kick off getting back on track and starting a new blog I am going to announce two giveaways. One will be on Julia's Life Journey the other on Chicken Scrawls. I plan to have everything prepared to post in the next few days. (I'm trying to get back up to par first). So keep tuned to both blogs. I will announce each giveaway on separate days.

Happy reading and good luck on the giveaways to all of you!!

"I'm going to be watching for those giveaways!"
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