Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Custom Chicken House and Shed Projects

My husband and I have been diligently working on getting "his" outside projects done. He is trying to finish before it gets too cold or the snow begins to fall. The temperatures are starting to drop down to 26˚ at night and presently it is only 52˚ outside. Still warm enough to work but not for long.

The chickens don't understand what is going on. They watch my husband build and me painting and staining. They also like to examine the tools and dig around in the screws, which they end up scattering everywhere. I think it's funny, but it frustrates my husband.

Even with the curious chickens, progress is being made on the projects. The shed has shelves, walls, a roof and is painted. It lacks the finishing on the roof, doors and the touch up painting. The chicken house roof has to be finished, inside walls, electricity installed and staining to be finished. But what is done, is very attractive in my opinion and the neighbors, (they like to visit to see what else we have going on).

New shed. 
New shed.
The chickens were curious about the shed one day and knocked over all our little yellow bins of hardware. I had to reorganize everything, and in the process found eggs on a narrow shelf and behind some garden tools. Since I've reorganized and picked up the eggs, they haven't been back. I guess they realize the shed is not a good hiding place for eggs.

New coat of paint on rabbit hutch. 
I almost forgot about our rabbit hutch. I put a new coat of paint on it for Knuckles (the rabbit) and her new roommate (a field mouse), who just recently took up residence with her. They get along well burrowing in the hay and eating out of the same dish. With the nights getting colder we will be putting more grass hay in the hutch to keep them warm.

Chicken house project.
Opening of nest boxes for cleaning and gathering eggs.
Open nest boxes. 
Roosts with a view.
Inside shot of nest boxes. 
As you can see, we still have work to do on the chicken house, but it is coming along. It is far enough along for Checkers at least.
Checkers trying out one of the new nest boxes. 

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