Thursday, November 3, 2011

Daddy's Girl

We recently had two of our turkeys butchered, Thanksgiving Dinner and Turkey Girl. Thanksgiving Dinner was our male and he is in our freezer, all 30 LBS of him. Turkey Girl stayed with the butcher in his freezer. That left us with Christmas Dinner, who has ended up becoming my husband's pet.

Christmas Dinner ended up being a great watch "dog" turkey. She always lets us know if something is going on outside. She likes to eat out of our hand and is always interested in what we're doing outside. Notice the green paint on her chest. She got a little to close to the shed when she was watching me paint.

When she wants attention she gets pouty, drops her wings and lies down waiting for us to take notice and pet her.

Getting pouty.  
Daddy's girl getting attention, as jealous checkers watches. 

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