Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Max Says Goodnight

Every night my husband locks our chickens and ducks in their house. Each night Max goes with him to help. Max is always eager to go "herd the ducks".  When he hears the question "Max, you ready to go herd the ducks?" he begins prancing around, wagging his tail and goes to the front door.

If the ducks are still in the main yard and haven't returned to their yard, Max will circle around them and push under their backside to urge them on. The ducks have become so familiar with this ritual that as soon as they see him they start running. Or should I say waddling as fast as they can.

Once Max has them in their house, he says goodnight to the chickens too. Of course nuzzling their fluffy backsides.

No chicken or duck was hurt during the nightly ritual of "backside nuzzling".

Chicken Cannibals

My chickens love scraps from our kitchen. Whenever we have a few scraps, we take them outside and call "Here Buck Buck" and the chickens come running. (My Father-in-Law started calling them Buck Buck. That's another story) The fowl were not disappointed today. On Saturday I baked a chicken with seasonings: thyme, basil, salt and pepper. I had placed carrots in the pan with the chicken. I made mashed potatoes and chocolate pie. Our drink was Southern Sweet Tea. A grand meal for our family.

Even with all we ate, there were few pieces of meat left on the carcass, with congealed juices. My husband did the honors today and provided the chickens and ducks with the carcass and a little Bar-B-Que sauce. When he went out there, they came running. They fiercely and quickly pecked at the carcass. They were so quick some of our pictures are blurred. They were trying to eat before the ducks came and shoved their way in.

Five of my six girls, enjoying a bite to eat. 
Spot waddled over to see the commotion.
Maxine, the dirty duck on the right, followed Spot. 
The dirty duck took off with the carcass. Little Red "What happened?"
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