Friday, March 25, 2011

Rapid Weather Changes

Today the snow is rapidly melting again and we are dealing with mild flooding. With all the snow and flooding I've begun to think again about our emergency packs. I have 2 bags with stuff for our family in it. I bought a third bag for each one of us to have our own bag.

Entrance to our driveway.  
Another view of the entrance to our driveway.
I'm not complete with the bags yet because of lack of funds. I'm slowly getting things together and trying to search clearance items in the stores. I've learned to look in all areas of a store if there is a clearance sign because you never know what you will find.

The items I have so far are:
4 packs of single load laundry detergent
4 ponchos-in case one gets torn or lost
6 toothbrushes-they come six in a pack at the Dollar Store
3 small tubes of toothpaste
3 nail care kits
3 packages of dental floss
14 masks
1 Monistat for yeast infections
10 trial size bars of soap-I've collected these when I worked out of town by staying in motels. I just kept the extras in my room.
3 deodorants
several pair of heavy-duty socks
knit hats
winter scarfs
several pairs of ear plugs
6 razors
3 packs of water proof matches
long johns
shampoo and conditioner
hand warmers-8 pairs

Things I need yet are:
Lip Balm
emergency blankets
crank/solar flash light and radio
toilet paper—I have, just need to get into bags
emergency sleeping bags
light sticks
first aid kits
duct tape
change of clothes and jacket for each family member
medicines we take on a regular basis—I have, need to put into bags
cold medicine
manual can opener
dog food
book on emergency preparedness
paper and pens
books to read
card games

Have you started your pack?

Snow Anyone?

Our 23.9 inches of snow came and melted, quickly. The snow was melting fast but not fast enough. I didn't realize it had accumulated on a large branch of one of the giant trees in our front yard. The weight of the snow broke a large branch. When we get the funds and time we have to go an get the tree tar and cut the branch off. Weather can be hazardous.

The tree with the broken branch. 
The split branch.
Lilac bush with broken branch.
Closer view of broken Lilac branch. 

Snow Ducks

The snow was coming down in chunks yesterday. We accumulated another 14". I enjoyed watching it for a while. I even went out to check on the chickens and ducks. The ducks weren't fazed by the snow one bit. The chickens stayed in the coop except Goldie. She came out when she heard my voice.

Guard duck Spot wondering what I was doing. 
Maxine trying to stay out of the snowfall.
Goldie looking to me for a snack. 
The other girls staying warm.

As the day progressed, the snow started to come down harder and faster. The ducks and the chickens went to the coop early. They finally had their fill of the weather.

Approximately 30 minutes of snow accumulation. 
The snow was so fast and heavy it caused a whiteout. I had drove to a friend's house to pick her up for dinner at my house and the visibility was only a short distance, probably 100-150 feet. I made it there but had my husband drive her back home after dinner. The ducks were smart going in.

The background noise in this last video is my family, my son was outside and my husband inside the house, they could be heard because I forgot to close the door.
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