Friday, March 25, 2011

Snow Ducks

The snow was coming down in chunks yesterday. We accumulated another 14". I enjoyed watching it for a while. I even went out to check on the chickens and ducks. The ducks weren't fazed by the snow one bit. The chickens stayed in the coop except Goldie. She came out when she heard my voice.

Guard duck Spot wondering what I was doing. 
Maxine trying to stay out of the snowfall.
Goldie looking to me for a snack. 
The other girls staying warm.

As the day progressed, the snow started to come down harder and faster. The ducks and the chickens went to the coop early. They finally had their fill of the weather.

Approximately 30 minutes of snow accumulation. 
The snow was so fast and heavy it caused a whiteout. I had drove to a friend's house to pick her up for dinner at my house and the visibility was only a short distance, probably 100-150 feet. I made it there but had my husband drive her back home after dinner. The ducks were smart going in.

The background noise in this last video is my family, my son was outside and my husband inside the house, they could be heard because I forgot to close the door.

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