Friday, November 5, 2010

The Culprits

Water dog Max. He was on a fishing trip with his boy Chris at Eagle Lake

Princess looking everything over to make sure it is up to her satisfaction. Can't have a grass blade out of place. 
After writing my first post I realized I had neglected to introduce you to "the culprits" who assisted with my fall and my fractured knee. I love animals and have several. Max and Princess both were rescues from the local dog shelter. Max was obtained for my son Chris and the 2 are in-separable. Princess was to be a playmate for Max and a companion for me. Even after the accident I still adore these dogs. Max is extra loving, mild mannered and loves to run. Princess is high strung, independent and tries to be the boss. Yes both dogs are black. I didn't plan it this way. Honest.

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