Thursday, December 30, 2010

Knee Update

I returned to the Orthopedic Doctor this past Wednesday for my monthly checkup. I shared with him I've been having increased pain on the outer aspect of my knee. I pointed to the area; he examined it and I grimaced in pain. He decided to do another X-ray to make sure the fracture had not shifted. If there was a shift it would result in surgery to repair. At present I have not heard back about the results. I am taking it as 'no news is good news.'

During the visit the doctor repeated previous instructions; the fractured bone is the second largest bone in the body and will take a minimum of four to six months to heal; stay off the left leg, and no returning back to work until at least April 1st. He also provided a signed application for a temporary handicapped parking placard.

To be able to get through my day I use different things to help me. I use a brace which keeps my knee mobilized for protection, crutches to walk or should I say "hobble" around, a wheelchair as needed to get around and elevate my leg if pain increases, a stool to sit and do dishes, and my husband chauffeuring. It has been a real loss of independence.

I do have a few exercises I do for my legs, which consist of: bending and flexing my left knee so it will not lock up, elevating my legs, holding them in place to the count of ten, ten times in different positions. These exercises will hopefully help me regain the muscle tone which I've lost in both legs, helping decrease therapy time in the future.

Healing a fracture is slow process but I am positive I will make progress each month, returning back to normal at God's appointed time.

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