Sunday, January 23, 2011

Road Trip Date and Photos

Saturday the weather was absolutely beautiful here in Northern California. The temperature was in the 60's, sun shining, and I had cabin fever. My husband for the first time in six years heard me say "I'm bored." He took my cue and out on a date we went.

My husband and I don't have a lot of time alone. We have a 17 year old son and 12 animals to care for. Our usual outings are to run errands. Many times we end up taking our son and dogs with us. This doesn't provide for a chance to nurture our own relationship.

God designed marriage because He saw, "It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him." Genesis 2:18 (NIV). God has set priorities in our lives about relationships you can read here. Marriage is a high priority only second to our relationship with God. To have healthy relationships with God and our spouse we have to put time and effort into them.

Our outing began with lunch at a small local restaurant. We ate and visited with the owner. In this town everyone knows everyone.

After lunch we stopped by the kennel where we train and board our dogs. The owner has become a good friend of ours. I thought it would be a nice surprise if I took her some chicken eggs and one of my re-potted spider plants. You can read about my surplus of eggs and spider plants here.

After our visit with the dog trainer, off we drove farther north making various stops and taking photos along the way. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Windy Rest Stop.—Ravendale, CA
High Desert Pond (With Fresh Water Springs)—Ravendale, CA
High Desert (Fresh Water Springs From A Distance)
Not uncommon, Cougar tracks on a side dirt road. 
Shoe Tree.—Ravendale, CA
Cows get to run free here.—Ravendale, CA
Cows free ranging next to paved road.—Termo, CA
Horses at local horse sanctuary.—Dry Valley, CA
Some of the horses are domestic, others wild mustangs
'Eagle Lake' In California. Frozen along the shores.
'Eagle Lake' photo taken from 'Stone's Landing'

'Eagle Lake' frozen at dusk

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