Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Melting Snow

The snow is finally melting. We received about two feet of snow over the weekend. My son and husband drove to Shingletown for a weekend camp retreat before the snow hit. I stayed home and watched it snow and snow and snow. I was pretty much snowed in.

The neighbor boy helped take care of the chickens, ducks and bunny. He shoveled access our woodpile and collected eggs. The snow and cold prevented the girls (hens) from performing well this weekend. I got only one or two eggs each day.  

The power went out a few times and flickered several times. I was grateful for our wood stove. The dogs and I were toasty warm. 

I was finally able to get out for a few minutes yesterday. My husband shoveled so I could get out of the driveway and go run a few errands for a change of scenery. I took the dogs with me for the ride. They like riding and sticking their heads out the windows. They really enjoyed it when I went to Burger King and ordered them an ice cream to share. 

Today was even better.  The temperature was about 40˚ and no more snow fell. Our two feet of snow is melting away. I went outside to see my fowl and let the dogs play for a few minutes. The fresh air was very inviting. I just stood around leaning on my crutches and looking things over; watching the dogs play. It was peaceful. 

Snow melted off the cherry tree. 
One cord of Juniper Wood still covered with snow. 
One cord Juniper Wood uncovered. 
Temporary roof on pole barn fell under weight of snow. 
Max and Princess having fun.
Princess trying to get the ball from Max.  
The chickens and ducks favorite tree, still covered in snow. 
Rockett doing her favorite pass time, eating. 
Better performance today from the girls.  
Guard duck, Spot, says, "time for you to leave!"

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