Saturday, February 12, 2011

Yucky Muck!

Saturday was the day I chose to clean the chicken house. Weather and injuries have prevented us from doing it sooner. My wonderful husband assisted me because I'm still on crutches.

"What's going on in the chicken house?"

I cleaned the nest boxes, scraping away all the manure, brushing away the dust and stuffing fresh grass in. My husband pitched the old grass hay and chicken manure off the floor and out into the chicken yard. The chickens loved it. They scratched through it like they were looking for gold. New little grass shoots were growing in the mess and the chickens were gobbling them up.

Clean nest boxes. 
Floor before cleaning it. 
My husband helping clean the floor. 
"Munching fun time!"
We removed Rockett from her beloved home. She is not very social and tends to stay cooped up away from the other chickens. She attempted to hide behind the old grass piled up in the yard or behind the garden hose that hangs on the fence. (She definitely is not our brightest chicken.)

"I'm hiding."
"They'll never find me here."
I put down fresh grass hay on the floor about six inches thick for the ducks to nest in. Ducks are clean animals by nature and I'm sure they enjoyed the new fresh grass. They like to snuggle at night and wrap their necks together, resting their heads down on each other's back.

Fresh grass on floor for the ducks.  
Today the ducks were calmer. Must have realized what we were doing for them. 
The coop smelled and looked better after we were done. It was hard work and I had to ice my knee afterwards but I was glad we cleaned. I have to say, a simple life can be hard work.

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