Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thinking Thanksgiving & Christmas Dinner in July

A couple of years ago we tried to raise turkeys for Thanksgiving Dinner.  It didn't work out real well. The first one became sick and passed on before she was even a month old. We were able to keep the second for about four months. We named him Louie.

Louie was a funny bird. He would walk around and strut with his wings and tail feathers spread out. He thought he was something. He also would unfortunately play with our pup Max. Louie would go towards Max and open his mouth wide like he was going to mouth Max. Max thought it was a game and would do the same. When Max would open his mouth Louie would try to put his head in Max's mouth through the fence. How stupid can this turkey be, I thought. Well unfortunately one day both got loose when we weren't watching. The two must have been playing their "Mouthing Game" and Louie lost. He ended up with a broken neck. Another one of those unfortunate events that can occur when raising animals.

This year we thought we would try again. (Ensuring the turkeys and dogs weren't able to get in contact with each other.) We purchased two Bronze Turkeys and one White. One of the Bronze Turkeys turned out to be a runt with a sweet personality. She will cheep loudly to get attention and be picked up. Once picked up she becomes content and will stay in your arms and allow you to pet her. I named her "Turkey Girl"; knowing she will be a pet. How can I eat a bird who longs for human affection?

The other two are different stories. They behave like normal turkeys. Not wanting human attention, unless food is involved, eating flies, and not showing fear of larger animals, because they are too stupid. Their names respectfully are Thanksgiving Dinner AKA "Drumstick" and Christmas Dinner AKA "Turkey Breast".

Turkey Breast, Looking pretty dumb. 
Drumstick, trying to figure out what is going on.

I've enjoyed watching them grow and listening to the funny sounds they make. I often wonder how big they will be and all the meat we will enjoy for the holidays. I ponder all the side dishes we will have alongside Drumstick and Turkey Breast; mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy and sweet potato casserole.

In preparation for the big days I've even bought a new platter for the meat and matching bowl at a yard sale. I even looked at roasting pans at the yard sales this weekend wondering if my pan at home would be big enough for our future turkey.

The only problem is no one in our family knows how to dress a turkey!

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