Saturday, September 24, 2011

Clean Up

The day has finally come! We are taking off the old shed and tree branches which have cluttered our yard for a few weeks now. I'm excited! The joyous thoughts of not having to look at all the stuff and having my yard back is exhilarating.

My husband, son and our friend Ryan did the honor of loading and hauling the stuff off. It was a lot of work: sorting stuff, loading the truck, strapping down the load, unloading at the dump and all the clean up of the little pieces afterwards. I'm thankful for the hardworking, strong men in my life.

1st load. Chris my son in front, Ryan in back of him.
Project wood stacked to the side to make room for loading. 
Maxine on left, Spot on right, our ducks, staying out of the way. 
Cleaning up small pieces of twigs and old fruit. 
All cleaned up. 
My son thrilled to be doing a dump run and not sleeping in. 

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