Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Been a While

It's been a while since I last posted. We've had many projects and activities going on lately. I keep having to prioritize my activities to keep from getting overwhelmed and losing my goal of a simpler life.

I'll have to do some extra posts to update all my readers on all the projects; canning and drying fruits, outdoor projects, indoor projects, family and of course the animals. I thought I'd start off with a post on the animals, first.

My two oldest birds, #1 and Goldie from my first batch, are no longer laying. Most people, would have put them in a pot to stew, by now. But we decided to let them live out their remaining days as pets. Our next two oldest, Rockett and Twin 1, are laying pretty regular. (Poor Rockett has never regained her feathers from her injury.) Five of my  thirty-seven new chickens have been laying for a few weeks. Little miniature eggs, they are so cute.

My turkeys are laying eggs as well. I have two females and one male. I haven't had the nerve to eat a turkey egg yet. I heard they taste like chicken eggs but I'm too chicken to try one. (Pun intended.)

The ducks are the same. Walking around the yard, hissing at everyone they see. I tell them they are just blowing kisses. We are keeping the ducks separated from the chickens most of the day and at night. The ducks wander the backyard until early evening then we let the chickens out for just a few hours in the big yard. We're usually out there at that time and can watch the ducks to prevent them from injuring another chicken like they did Rockett. It's almost like having children.

Male Turkey on Left, Female on Right.

"Can I have a little privacy? Please!"

Young chickens are laying. 

"I did my duty, now time to forage." (Henrietta)

"Blue" chicken, AKA Phyllis Diller chicken.

Rockett and her featherless injury. 

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