Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Sunday Canning Project in Steps and Pics

It is Sunday.  I went to church then came home to attempt to put a dent in all the peaches I picked. This is my second time of canning more of them. I've found canning is time consuming and laborious. I tried to develop a system this time to make it a little easier. I believe I did.

My first peach canning adventure, I canned seven quarts and 1 pint. It took four and a half hours. This time I've canned ten quarts in about three and a half hours. Progress! Still a lot of work though, I think I need a nap.

Here are the steps I used for canning this time;

  1. Gather all equipment: bowls, pots with lids, large spoons, canning funnel, jars, lids and bands, butter knife, pot holders, quilt, jar grabber, measuring spoon, and food ingredients.
  2. Wash jars, lids and bands.
  3.  Place jars in water bath canning pot, note how many can fit.
  4.  Boil jars to sterilize them.
  5. Mix your sugar and water in a pot to make your syrup. I used a medium syrup consisint of 4 cups of water and 3 cups of sugar. Simmer until mixture is clear. Set to the side.
  6.  Mix 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into 4 cups of water. This solution will prevent peaches from turning brown. 
  7. Wash peaches, cut in half lengthwise (this will make peeling easier).
  8. Boil water in large pot.
  9. Place cut peaches in pot and blanche for one minute.
  10. Remove and spread out on clean surface i.e. towel, cookie sheet.
  11. Peel peaches and remove seeds. 
  12. Place peaches in lemon water.
  13. Remove peaches from lemon water and rinse with fresh water.
  14. Place peaches in hot syrup. Simmer for 2 minutes.
  15. Have jars ready, place peaches in jars using funnel to avoid dropping peaches. Leave 1/2 inch head room.
  16. Pour syrup in jar to 1/2 inch headroom. 
  17. Take butter knife or small spatula and insert between jars and peaches, moving knife gently around the inside of the jar. This will decrease air bubbles. 
  18. Place lid and bands on jar. 
  19. Place jars in water bath canning for set amount of time, determined by size of jars and elevation of where you live. I live over 4000 feet above sea level and used quart jars. My process time for my peaches was 70 minutes. I usually leave them in another 5 minutes for safety. 
  20. After alotted time, remove jars and place where they will not be distrubed, to finish process. I place mine in a quilt to keep them warm a little longer.
  21. Once they are sealed (the center of the lid is no longer elevated) label and shelf them.
  22. Give as gifts or use for your family consumption.
Using a step by step system made it easier and more enjoyable this time to can. I'm looking forward to canning the rest of my fruit, to enjoy this winter.

Sterilze jars. 
Sugar and water for syrup. 
Lemon water. 
Wash peaches  and cut in half lengthwise.
Blanche, lay out to cool for peeling. 
After peeling place in lemon juice, then rinse with fresh water.
Place peaches in syrup to simmer 2 minutes 
Put the peaches in jars, add syrup, use butter knife to get rid of air bubbles.
Apply lids and bands. 
Process in water bath canner for appropriate time. 
After water bath, place to the side undisturbed to allow sealing
After sealed and cooled, label and shelf. 

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