Friday, September 23, 2011

Tree Care Time

Our Peach Trees have such an abundance of fruit this year, limbs have snapped from the weight. Tomorrow I plan on asking my husband to cut the broken limbs off and I will apply Tree Tar.

Tree Tar is a product which is supposed to assist in protecting injured trees from disease and rot. I've found there is differing opinions about the product. My husband believes it is necessary to use the tar for the tree to survive, others believe the tar blocks in bacteria and insects causing damage.

I noted the previous owners used a form of tar on one of the plum trees. The tree is still alive and thriving well.  My husband trimmed our apricot and our second plum tree earlier this season and applied the tar. No problems noted to date.

Full view of Peach Tree.
Close up of one of three broken branches. 
Have you used Tree Tar? What where your results?

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