Saturday, November 5, 2011

Reasons Why I Grow Food

A growing number of individuals, families and neighborhoods are becoming more interested in gardening and growing their own food. The reasons vary but include: desire to save money, concern over pesticides and food-borne illnesses, sense of community (community gardens) are all just a few of the reasons.

 My list of reasons I grow our family's food are;
  •  My love of nature. I enjoy watching nature grow and produce.
  •  The feeling of accomplishment and pride from growing food.
  •  Saving money on groceries.
  •  Relaxation. I feel like I'm in another world when I garden, freeing my mind of everyday life situations.
  •  Knowing the food I cook and place on the table is free of pesticides and contamination of food-borne illnesses. 
  • Sharing what I've grown with friends, extended family and the homeless shelter. 
  • Knowing if a wide spread disaster occurred, I have a little knowledge which could keep us fed during it. 
  • I get to try new food items I've never eaten before, without spending a lot of money. 
  • After the growing season the plants become compost for my soil. Providing me with rich dirt, better in appearance and good for next season's plants. 
  • I grow food my animals like to eat too: lettuce cabbage, tomatoes, squash etc. Helps save on pet food bills.
  • Gift giving. I can some of my fruit and use for Christmas gifts. 
  • I like the way my canned goods look on my pantry and cabinet shelves. Edible home decor!
  • I get exercise when I garden. Pulling weeds, pushing a wheel barrel full of dirt or compost all add up to calories burned. 
  • The food is always fresh.
  • I also use home grown food for trade for other garden items from friends I didn't grow. 
  • And of course just for the sheer beauty of it.
What are some of the reasons you garden?

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