Monday, December 6, 2010

Simple Micro Farming

I am finding there are many aspects to simple living to explore and try. One area I have been exploring and expanding on for about two and a half years is Micro-Farming. For me Micro-Farming involves growing and canning my own food, having chickens for eggs, and owning other animals for manure and/or companionship.
1st Batch of Chicks
I have found many reasons to begin my farming adventure. I started by growing my own food and having chickens. This allowed me to know what I was actually feeding my family. When I moved to California four years ago I took a job in a government public health agency. I was amazed at the numerous food recalls related to contamination of food and the subsequent illnesses being reported.

Dinner Time!
After I started growing food and watching my fluffy chicks grow up I found out how much fun it was.  I had seen baby chicks and full grown chickens before but never had the chance to watch the process of them growing. I was amazed at how my baby chickens developed their own personalities! I never realized chickens could be curious, aloof, friendly, feisty, fearful, or "talkative" while following me around. All the chickens I had seen before steered clear of humans. Maybe my chickens consider me the "chicken whisperer". 

My home grown food and fresh eggs are fun, safer and taste better. and Financially, they are a frugal option for living a simpler life.

Spot and Maxine Ducks in the garden

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