Monday, January 31, 2011

Feeding Time

We had a few scraps of food in the refrigerator that I decided to give to my backyard fiends. They were anxious when they saw me coming to them. Little Red was the first one at my feet, looking up at me for a treat. The ducks of course were hissing in defense, trying to run me back out the gate.

Little Red, first to always greet me.
Guard duck, Spot.
The ducks have never been out of the yard, all they know is the gate is an entrance for us to get in their territory. Unlike Little Red who has gotten out and ran down the street when we first moved into our house. Our 85 + year old neighbor called us one day to let us know our Little Red Hen had gotten out and was running rampant down the street.

I first put the bowls of peaches down. They began to eat. The ducks squeezed in because they weren't going to be left out. All of my fowl like peaches. Especially the fresh ones that come off the tree in the summer. I actually get to hand feed my ferocious ducks. I'm happy to say, I have never been bitten, hand feeding them peaches.

Yummy peaches!
"Move aside, I'm coming in!"
When I saw the ducks crowding the chickens and pulling their feathers, I put down some sloppy joe meat. The chickens flocked to it and began quickly eating, forgetting the peaches. The ducks quickly saw there was something else to munch. They started bulling the chickens to get to the meat. The chickens would run out of the ducks way and run back when they thought the ducks weren't watching, snatching another bite.

They like a little bit of tangy meat.  
Maxine left the peaches for the meat too. 

After the meat was gone, the birds didn't finish the peaches. They wanted more meat and weren't going to settle for less. I will be baking a chicken this weekend. (From the grocery store) I want to see how they respond to a chicken carcass. Stay tuned for Chicken Cannibals next week.

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