Sunday, January 9, 2011

Get, Ready, Set, De-Clutter!

It is sunny and 36 degrees here today. Nice enough weather to get outside and de-clutter. Or at least my husband thought so. I was happy taking a few pictures and going back inside. Besides, can't do much de-cluttering when walking on crutches.

When de-cluttering, there are several categories items can go into; trash, keep, donate, recycle or repurpose. Most of our items went into three categories. The first being trash. Junk stuff which was broken, torn or just plain garbage. The second being things to keep. Screws, nails, tools and other items to complete projects that had been started. To keep these items from being lost or damaged, my husband organized them in bins. The last category consisted of recycled or repurposed items. Items we want to use to complete projects or be used for new projects.

What de-cluttering projects are you working on?

My husband has his work cut out for him. 
My wonderful husband sorting items into bins. 
Usable Clutter 
My long, lost seeds. 
Partial Progress
Done for the day. Still a lot of stuff, but cleaner. 

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