Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ruffled Ducks

Our ducks, Spot and Maxine, have been exhibiting unusual behavior. Spot has been trying to mate with Maxine, chasing her and her chasing him. They haven't tried to mate in the past, which led me to think they weren't happy with their home.

With it being a beautiful day today, I ventured outside to see what photos I could take of my ducks and chickens. I was hoping for fun, comical pictures. HA!

Stepping into the backyard I was greeted by hungry chickens and irritated, ruffled, hissing ducks! Both ducks came quickly at me, hissing and spreading their feathers letting me know I was intruding. Wherever I moved Spot was on my heels. I hobbled on my crutches to the chicken yard, ducks following. I went into the chicken house and found my girl Rockett brooding, two eggs and Spot blocking the chicken door, not letting me out. His feathers spread, hissing. I tried to move him with my crutch. He bit my ankle and lower leg twice as I pushed my way out! He came after me. I finally thought "He needs to cool off". I leaned my crutches against the fence and picked my heavy duck up and put him in a small bin of water. He went in a dry irritated duck and came out an angry wet duck. As he shook off the water I took one picture of him and fled.

Spreading feathers; Warning
Wet angry duck. Cooling off didn't help. 
Maxine hissing and eyeing me. 
"Let's get this intruder! Who cares if she buys our food!"

My ducks are usually not so aggressive. They hiss, follow us, trying to convince us to leave and nip occasionally. My husband believes they have come of age, 1 1/2 years, and it is their mating season. Hopefully all this aggression is hormones and we'll have babies in the spring! This would make getting bit worth it.

Better days. Spot and Maxine 3 days old. 
Happy together

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