Friday, January 7, 2011

Today in the Chicken Yard

 I ventured out today for a few minutes. Or should I say, I "hobbled" out with my crutches. I haven't seen my chickens and ducks in a couple of weeks.

Members of My Flock.

First Egg of the Day.

"Got to get to Mom!"

 It was 25 degrees, with a few patches of ice I had to avoid on my way to the chicken pen. I was greeted by hungry chickens, ducks hissing, as their tails wagged in warning, "Don't come near!" And my cat coming over the fence from the neighbor's house.

"Hello up there human!"

My chickens are very friendly. They believe humans = food, they especially like table scraps. The ducks aren't as friendly. We have two Muscovy ducks. The male weighs approximately 24 LBS and the female is close to 12 LBS (per husband's report. Norm is male 15-17 LBS and Female 5-10 LBS). The male is a good "guard duck" and has been noted to run skunks off. He is particular who is near his harem. The ducks hiss instead of quack. I am sure my neighbors are thankful for that.

"You are trespassing!"
"I'm going to get you!"

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