Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Close Call

Our male dog, Max, is a playful dog. He enjoys "herding the ducks", which you can read about here. Every night it's his job to ensure the ducks go in. The chickens usually go in on their own. No problem,  Right! There always seems to be an exception in every rule. Tonight was the exception.

Twin One
Max went out with my husband, Ted, as usual. One Bard Rock Chicken was still out. We call her Twin One because she looks like her sister. In the past we couldn't tell them apart. We now can because of their behavior, Twin One is gutsy and argumentative, Twin Two (Rockett) doesn't even like to come out of the house. She is a real loner.

With Twin One being feisty, she has had previous run-ins with Max. Being a fun loving boy, he always thinks she is playing. Until she repeatedly pecks him and Ted has to call him away before he gets hurt. (He has never attempted to hurt her.)

Max wanting to have fun.
 The ducks being in, didn't need to be herded. Seeing Twin One out was not normal, and Max, must of felt he needed to correct the matter. He picked her whole body up in his mouth and started carrying her into the chicken house. My poor husband started yelling at him "drop it!" Max stood there a few minutes with a confused look before he dropped her, uninjured thankfully. He is very tender-hearted dog and doesn't like to be yelled at. I am sure in his mind, he was just doing his job.

Ducks already in. No herding tonight.
I'm sure Twin One was emotionally ruffled, which is nothing new for her. I also believe she learned her lesson about not being in bed on time. Max is an obedient, quick learner and I'm sure he won't pick up another chicken.

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