Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Return of Winter

The last couple of weeks we had beautiful, warm, spring-type weather. This morning, everything changed. Winter returned. We received approximately six inches of snow throughout the night. The weight of the snow knocked down power lines and a wide spread power outage occurred for several hours. The outage was extensive and schools had to be closed today because of it.

It is days like this I am glad I stockpile food (usually when a good sale is on), have a manual can opener (electric can openers don't work during power outages), have wood heat and thick warm socks. What are some of your favorite emergency preparedness items?

Snow covered Cherry tree. 
Peach tree on left, Cherry on right in backyard. 
Garden and Bar-B-Que area. 

Lilac bush 
Out my front door to the left.  
Out my front door to the right. 
Entrance to the backyard. 

Apricot tree. 
Knuckles the bunny's home. She was burrowed down this morning. 
Spot was in the coop too long with the heat lamps. He is cooling down.
Incomplete pole barn, tarp sagging with weight of snow. 
Our snow-covered firewood. 
Cherry Tree 
Cherry to far left, Apple tree and tips of Nectarine tree on right. 

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