Sunday, July 24, 2011

Newest Projects

We're still trying to get our home the way we want it; all the little things that make it unique to our lifestyle. My husband has recently started a new project. He has decided to put in a duck pond for our two Muscovy ducks. He obtained the liner from the local nursery and has begun digging out a large hole. He is using an old stump in the ground for a center piece for the ducks to stand on and made sure the hole was under trees for shade for the ducks too. I guess I will be wading into the pond next year to pick my fruit.

He hasn't finished our pole barn yet, but he has added a nice touch to it. He has made shelves to place all his wood for our unfinished projects. I'm impressed with all his ingenuity.

Center Piece Stump
Future duck pond surrounded by fruit trees. 
Unfinished pole barn with building materials.
I almost forgot another project my husband did. He made me a separate pen for injured or sick animals. This has come in handy recently because my dogs injured my female duck. It gave her a place to heal and be separated from the other animals that could have taken advantage of her physical state.

Injured animal pen. 

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