Thursday, December 9, 2010


 I have to confess, I am a 'clutter-bug'. I have a habit of obtaining and saving items I believe will be used in the future: quilts, books, 'Important papers', coupons, recipes and pictures to name a few. I have valid reasons for keeping some of the clutter but not all of it.

I have decided I need to deal with my clutter. We have a small 900 square foot house and two 8x12 storage sheds full of stuff. I have approximately four more months before I can return to work. I need to use my time wisely and organize accordingly.

Shed #1
I have read numerous blog posts and books on organizing. Most have the same recommendations. The suggestions I plan on using are;

1) To decide what I really want to keep and actually use. If I have not used it in over a year, I need to ask myself; What purpose does it serve? Do I really even like the item? If it is clothing, does it fit and is it in style? What value does it add to my life?

 2) Sort items into categories: recycle, reuse, yard sale, give away and toss.  Items such as glass jars, computer monitors and magazines can be recycled. T-shirts and jeans can be reused for craft projects. Dishes, decorations and good clothing can be sold in a yard sale or given to a family or charity in need. Broken items beyond repair, stained or torn need to be trashed. 
Previous De-cluttering. Overwhelming
3) Items kept for use on a regular basis need to be placed in cabinets or drawers according to their purpose. This will make it easier to find them when needed and ensure their use.

4) Items which have sentimental value or might be passed onto my son will be put into storage bins and labeled.

5) Seasonal decorations will be put in bins and labeled. Christmas decorations will be placed in boxes according to type, sentimental value and function. Christmas lights will need to be wrapped to prevent tangling.

6) Seasonal clothes will be sorted and packed in bins for future appropriate seasons.

7) Important papers should be kept in labeled file folders and placed in labeled document boxes.

Trying to find things
To keep on track with this project and not get overwhelmed, I will need to set limits (such as one hour a day and one section at a time). Alas, clutter-free!

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