Friday, February 4, 2011

Frugal Tips-Clothes

Here is Friday's Frugal Tips related to clothes. It is not too hard for me to be frugal with clothes. I don't like to shop and I keep a simple wardrobe.
Jeans, the norm for me. 
  • Don't recreational shop for clothes.
  • Mix and match clothes you already have.
  • Mix up your accessories with your outfits.
  • If you do shop, purchase clothes and accessories from; yard sales, thrift stores, consignment shops, clearance racks, at the end of a season, online clearance if shipping is free.
  • Don't buy or own 'dry clean only' clothes. Dry cleaning is expensive.
  • Mend your clothes.
  • Borrow clothes.
  • Have a clothing swap.
  • Wear clothes in basic colors. It is easier to mix outfits if they are basic colors.
  • Shop Back-To-School clothing sales. 
  • To decrease wear and tear on your clothes don't wash them unless they are dirty and hang them up to air dry.  If you put them in the dryer make sure buttons are fastened and zippers are zipped. Buttons and zippers can do damage to clothes while they are being washed or dried.
  • Have basic colored and styled shoes to go with multiple outfits.(I know most women like shoes, I know they are a weakness for me. Remember to be realistic if you have more than two or three pairs. Make sure they are something you are really going to wear and not just look good on the closet floor.) 
  • Save clothes outgrown by older children for younger children to grow into.
  • Buy quality over quantity. I know I have purchased brand name items, still with the tags on them at second hand stores. Quality items last longer, saving a bundle. 
  • Learn to sew clothes. Make sure you purchase good quality material which is inexpensive, or sewing can become expensive.  
  • Keep a budget of how much you realistically can spend a year and stick too it.
I hope these tips help in cutting your clothing costs.

Black is always in style. 

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